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You will find reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and a great engagement culture with a company wellness programme that makes a difference to Staff Wellbeing and Company Performance.


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Company Health & Wellness that Makes A Difference

When employees are happier and healthier, there is a positive impact on the operation of the business.

Numerous studies have highlighted that increased Wellbeing increased the performance of the employee and the business itself.

Over 1 million staff have accessed BWS Services with outstanding results

  • Over 50% of staff remain in work when engaged with our Mental Health Support Service and Clinician nurse led services.
  • Thus enabling a Wellness Culture to make a consistent, sustainable and positive difference.

Your staff will be healthier, happier and be at their best with our help.

Caring for Staff and Protecting the Business in the New World of Work

As an employer, you have a duty of care to look after your employees’ wellbeing. The success of your organisation depends on it. In the new world of work with more staff than ever working from home, how do employers know how well their staff are while fulfilling their legal duty of care obligations?

The New World of Work needs new Solutions to care for their staff whilst safeguarding the business by supporting all the staff and reducing HSE Liabilities for the business.

So speak to us today to find out how we can make a difference for you, your employees and your company.

Post Pandemic Wellness for Companies

Many healthcare professionals are predicting a Mental Health epidemic as the world returns to the new normal. Healthcare systems are stretched, the impact of long NHS waiting lists will impact not just physical Wellbeing but also Mental Health.

Today, people feel under immense pressure both inside and outside of work. The uncertainty experienced by all since 2020 has created many challenges for individuals and companies alike

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